The Power of What Vote?

It’s not 2012 yet but November’s coming up. As of late, we have seen all of the media hype surrounding the President’s performance, talk of sitting Congress and Senatorial persons, a hyped up new Supreme Court judge, and future political candidates. The candidates have expressed the need to work in the interests of the people, to address the issue of an ever expanding Big Brother in DC,  the economy, Afghanistan, promoting the ‘general welfare’ of our communities right? Blah, blah, blah… We do live in democracy right? “If you want to change things, get out the vote”.  Do you believe that ‘we the people’ have ever lived in a democracy where one could cast his/her vote, and make a difference? Under the surface however, I would hope that the average every-slave-day citizen knows that government doesn’t and never has worked in the interest of common people.

First and foremost, I would like to clear up any misunderstandings, any psychosis, mental breakdowns, or any other mass delusions in regard to the political structure in America. America, since its creation, has always been a REPUBLIC not a democracy ( Real political power has always been concentrated in the hands of a few.

The fact of the matter is that televised images of popular campaigns are designed and controlled by the corporate-media managers; the upper classes. Even campaign speeches are not written by the candidates as evidenced by their heavy reliance on teleprompters. They’re written by someone else-a professional writer. Campaign drives of this sort are well-funded by corporations, not by common, average, every-slave day people. These campaigns are media fictions that re-create a socially palatable images of political candidates for consumption by the uninformed and gullible masses. You do remember some of those fictions that you learned in grade school like George Washington and his silly ass cherry tree or the myth of Honest Abe..right? After you cast your mark, oh I mean, your vote, it legitimizes any and all laws that are passed. Often times, legislation is passed without your direct knowledge, your direct participation in creating the ‘law’, and most of all, your indirect consent tends to make you a subject not an empowered citizen. Let’s face it ‘law’ tends to work against you. Depending upon where you live in the country, ask yourself when was that last time that any representative or any member of their staff circulated any petitions for laws that will directly affect you?

Under no circumstances should you fool yourself into thinking that your selected representatives represent you or people like you. Most politicians in America do not come from humble beginnings. I repeat, they are not and were not poor people. They are not ‘just like me’. They are not your ‘boy’ or your ‘buddy’. They share nothing in common with poor, working class people. Kennedy, Ford, Bush, Obama, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and etc.. None of these folks come from da’ hood. Ask yourself, why has there never been any working class candidate who effectively ran for high political office? Common people can not pay the financial tribute that is expected from well-funded corporate sponsors.  Campaign tribute is polite euphemism for bribery ( Politicians, along with their hacks, are like flies attracted to a fresh pile of shit. They go to where the money is and guess what? YOU AIN’T GOT NONE AND YOU DON’T LIVE THERE. They seek financial aid from major corporations and very affluent voting districts who lavishly contribute these political sideshows. So when Obama, or any other political parasite for that matter, comes to town, does he come to see you? Does he visit you in your neighborhood? Does he even visit your local church? So does it take a genius to figure out why politicians, once selected, represent the interests of major corporations and affluent voting districts? There is no moral or ethical motivation on the part of representatives to work in the interests of the people that they are supposedly obligated to serve. Ask yourself this: Have conditions in your neighborhood or your life for that matter, improved by the power of your vote? Some of you have been voting yourself into misery for 30, 40, 50 years and yet you still live miserably. Hope? Change? Yes you did alright. Despite living in a continual state of financial fear, there has always been an economic boom for major corporations. There are many historical names for economic booms that range from railroad grants to the more recent too big to fail stimulus packages. These are the same corporations that have been brought into your neighborhood under the notion of creating more jobs but yet, you still suffer because you live from paycheck to paycheck to just maintain debt or living under the ever looming threat of unemployment and homelessness. You call that living? Corporations are not benevolent nor are they are cute, cuddly, silly, living caricatures like Bambi. These are the same corporations that invested heavily into both sides of political campaigns. They bet on both sides of the political quarter so how could they lose? So who does? When a Walmart does open up in the ghetto or developer wants to build condos at the expense of people who have been displaced by Walmart or developers that acquires property; all without your consent, don’t get mad, it’s called gentrification. It’s business ( Walmart and a host of other corporate entities are reaping huge returns on their political investments-all at your expense. Don’t get mad, it’s business. It is campaign bribes of course. These corporations are not there to ‘bring good things to life’. Corporations are there to make huge profits. But remember, you voted for these folks. That’s right. When you vote, you make an indirect vote for corporations. Politicians put their assess on the auction block and prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. These are your selected representatives that are supposedly working in your best interests right? So if your vote changes things, why do you continue to suffer in the richest and most powerful country in human history?

Change is not the mantra of polity. These folks are selected by their corporate sponsors not to change things but to keep things they way that they are.

Heads of state, under the direction of their elite cohorts, have never created a political system in which the poor, the powerless and disenfranchised masses of people, would be allowed to vote powerful people out of power and privilege. Elites govern not from public or popular consensus. Their authority rests on the application of force. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. When corporate interests and state power merge,  it’s called fascism. At least think about it.

In spite of all of this, I bet you can’t wait until November can you?


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