Should Weed Remain Illegal?

I don’t know what you’re personal beliefs are in regard to the demon weed however, I don’t subscribe to prohibition of any sort. There is no Constitutional clause against LSD, weed, meth, heroin, cigarettes, or anything else. Indeed, all the above mentioned substances were once legal, some continue to be legal, and some formed the basis of the agricultural economy. Prohibitionist are self-important puritans who subscribe to the dictum of don’t do as I say, do as I think. Is that why you don’t see them around anymore? I guess you do one way or another because weed continues to be demonized by those same self important politicians, quack scholars and medical researchers; researchers and scholars who continue to receive millions in grant funding from the government if they tow the government lie.

Studies, for nearly 100 years,  have demonstrated that weed is non-addictive, has industrial and medicinal uses, and has no long term side effects unlike the legal tobacco, which we know is a highly toxic carcinogen.

This is a political issue that has had overwhelming social consequences. With the vast majority of the nation’s 2+ million people being held captive in the prison industrial complex, the vast majority are there not for murder, kidnapping, and other violent crime that’s associated with hardened criminals; they’ re there for non violent drug offenses like possession of weed; a victimless offense. There more government attempts to lock down the choices that people make, the worse it becomes. The War on Drugs has translated into the many Wars on Personal Choice. Proposition 19, vote to legalize marijuana in California, has received 74% support in favor of legalizing marijuana and furthermore, even law enforcement, the traditional staunch guardians of society, is in favor of such a national proposal.

This is the voice of the people. What happened to ‘the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of government’? Sounds great however, many uniformed zombies who, like fiends, can’t wait to vote for their own oppression every four years, not only vote to support this and other outlandish and ridiculous legislation; they ardently believe that drugs are destroying the community. They believe this HS and to them, you be damned if you don’t believe it either. First and foremost, ask yourself, ‘what community’? Can you define what is a community? Do you live in a community or a neighborhood? Second of all, ask yourself ‘is it drugs that are destroying the social fabric of community or is it the reactionary and racist legislation that is destroying the social fabric of the world? 2+ souls who are separated from their livelihoods and family all because of a plant? Stop & frisk legislation which sidesteps and violates the 4th Amendment; all because police suspect that you or your children might possess a weapon or a controlled substance? Police agencies use drug offenses as a pretext to steal, rob, oppress, and brutalize the population for their own good all in the namesake of protecting you from you? Did you know that the vast militarization of US police departments began in earnest in the 1980’s under the War on Drugs legislation? Did you know that some components of US foreign policy is based on the War on Drugs? Did you know that the for decades, the US has used Agent Orange-like defoliants in Central America to destroy thousands of acres of arable land all in the namesake of fighting a War on Drugs? Doesn’t this violate the sovereignty of another country?  How is it possible to be forever condemned for using or selling a plant? You do know that drug convictions, even the most minute, carries a felony label which,  means second class subjugation because you can’t call yourself a citizen if you do not exercise ALL of you rights.   Did you know that mandatory minimum sentences grew out of the War on Drugs back in the mid 1980’s? Did you know that the Rockefeller drug laws in the early 1970’s set the stage for harsh mandatory minimum drug sentences? There are even harsher sentences and intrusive measures that stem from the War on Drugs; this is the social destruction that grew out of what I would like to call puritan prohibition. As though this wasn’t enough, some even go as far as to call for the death penalty for certain drug offenses. Well, the devil gave you what you wanted. Bill Clinton, yep “Ole Corncob Billy Bob” did just that by signing the Anti-Terrorism and Enhanced Death Penalty Act in the 1996. Later, the Victory Act was proposed under George W. Bush; both attempted to link drug trafficking with aiding and abetting terrorism..what ever that is. To quote Immortal Technique “if you dance with the Devil it might last forever”. Is it the government that will decide what is good for you at the barrel end of a gun? Don’t worry, it’s for your own good. How many times have we witnessed governments throughout history who have committed mass murder under the pretext of protecting the public? Face it all of you puritans, the War on Personal Choice is and has been a failure but your War on People has been a success; depending upon which end of the system you’re on. 2 million people, I guess, were on the wrong end. Anyone who is familiar with the American ethic will realize that this country was built upon the notion of free will and personal choice. What happened? People do have social amnesia.  I would like to share a brief article with you in this matter and you can decide for yourself ( There are other articles that you can reference that will give you a different insight into this topic. There is also an excellent book on this and other prohibited articles in American culture entitled Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society, by Peter McWilliams.  Another, excellent source entitled, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy, examines the role that colonial governments and the US have played in the world wide distribution of narcotics. Yes the very thing that could lock you away forever is OK if the government does it. Become more informed. Become more aware before you vote. Before you do, light one up!!!

If it harms none, then do as thy will.

Gargantua & Pantagruel

Francois Rableais

K.R.Woodruff copyright 2010


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