Money Doesn’t Work, People Do!

I happened across one of my newsletters from 2002. I used to create and distribute newsletters of this type back in 2000 through 2003. What’s changed in regard to the general economic disparities between the middle classes and the rich? Nothing. Well, actually, things have gotten worse and the middle classes have become the new poor; ha-ha. I hope that you didn’t think that you were immune did you? I’ve deliberately omitted the working and poor classes because they are left out of the general scheme of things anyway. If you don’t believe me, listen to commentators and politicians with their concerns about the destruction of the middle classes and seeking political support from middle class voters. See, if you don’t include the poor or working classes into you dialogue, then they simply don’t exist. Out of sight, out of mind. Wow, do these people realize that it is the working poor who makes society possible? What happens if we didn’t have garbage men, bus drivers, train and subway operators, sewer worker, truck drivers, janitors, street sweeper? Society as we know it, with all of its health and sanitation comforts, would cease to exist. Can you imagine what a major city like say, Philadelphia, would look like without garbage collection for just one month? I couldn’t and don’t want to. Please read my thoughts on the concept of how money works. It doesn’t. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Vol. 2 Number 1                                                                                  September 2002

Money doesn’t Work! People Do!

The millionaire or more appropriately, the billionaire, is not wealthy simply because s/he has capital, or what I’d like to call money, to invest in new and unexplored ventures. The billionaire is wealthy because a) often, s/he is born into wealth, particularly if we are talking about ‘old money’ that spans hundreds of years ago; b) if s/he is the right color in America, s/he is given unlimited access to political and economic opportunities that the average every-slave-day can’t imagine c) once situated in positions of authority, s/he commands the labor of innumerable others. That means your labors. So think of yourself as a sort of human resource. All of the goods and services s/he enjoys are provided by PEOPLE not his bank account.


The working poor made the billionaire possible. The working poor drive society as we know it. Who takes care of your brats when you need it most? You won’t. Who takes care of your trash? You won’t. Who makes sure packages gets there when you need it the most? You can’t. Who makes sure that your drinking water doesn’t kill you or disposes of your shit water? You don’t. Who provides you with heat and air conditioning? You don’t. Who prepares your meals? You don’t. Who makes sure your foods are safe to eat for that matter? Not the government. Believe it. Since grade school we have been conditioned to think otherwise to believe, like belief in the Tooth fairy; that hard work leads to money and success. In reality however, we find it very difficult to see this. The protestant concept of hard work and the self-made billionaire are both fictions, just like the Tooth Fairy and Humpty Dumpty. To the working poor, hard work is not divinely inspired, noble, or satisfying. Hard work to poor people equates to forced labor. The social rewards for hard work and self-made success stories, generally speaking, don’t exist. To believe this mythical tale is the greatest crime against humanity; the crime against yourself. If this concept were true, then ask, why are there so many hard-working poor people? Working 20, 30, or even 40 years, they should have been rich a long time ago right? How does society reward people who have literally worked themselves into the grave? Well look no further. Poor working class seniors provide just one of many visual examples of how society rewards hard work. Believe it.

Again, present day elites were born into wealth. Read C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite. From birth, the wealthy have an unimaginable head start on the rest of society. These people do not know what it is to work hard for anything. We have been bombarded by images and scripts from hordes of per diem publicists for the wealthy; for us to think that amazingly, that the billionaire is the source of wealth when s/he, is in fact, is simply a person who receives far more from society that s/he gives. He/she is far more socially dependent than others. In other terms I like to call this the 80/20 rule. The rich give 20% social effort only to receive 80% of the economic and political WEALTH!!!!!!!!

Despite the vast increase in economic output over the previous 3 decades, the bottom 2/3 of the population, you and I, earn approximately the same amount as our parents did in 1970!!!! Where has all of the wealth gone???? Even though one tenth of 1/3 percent of the population enjoys the proceeds of our “economic prosperity”, while the general population has been deceived into thinking that we are all “better off” somehow. Oh really? His/her celebrity is cast on television 24/7. Some TV shows are solely devoted to the status of the celebrity and all of their wealth. Their images are paraded throughout the globe as the ultimate symbol of success. They are to be emulated, deified, and worshiped. Many people do exactly that; worship at the altar of celebrity and idolize money. More importantly, some of our confused brethren attempt to vicariously connect with these people who are far removed from their daily existence. Whether a sports figure makes the ‘team’ or how much he made with the team last year or which celebrity has what, doesn’t do anything for me.

This final example of the vicarious connection with celebrity elites is the definition of the ideal slave which, mean means the slave who celebrates the good fortune of his or her master as though the prosperity were their own. The only advice that poor people receive from ironically, their own contemporaries is to get a job and work hard. A job is a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Oh by the way, remember what the meaning of the word job is.

                                                                   by K. R. Woodruff

JOIN the OPPRESSED at the BOTTOM!!!!!!!!

Friends of the People © 2002


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